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If a rule restricts something that has no conceivable point, it will be broken.
Kid: -stuffing tissues into mouth-
Teacher: That's not allowed
Kid: Sorry, rule 2, lady.
by Matt :3 March 10, 2008
Do not talk about fight club
In the movie "Fight Club" Brad Pitts charactor says "rule 1: Don't talk about fight club. RULE 2: Don't talk about fight club".
by Lief fkdjsfoe May 18, 2008
You DO NOT talk about fight club.
Person 1: What happened to your face?

Person 2: Can't talk about it.

Person 1: Rule 2?

Person 2:....
by The real Tyler Durden June 27, 2010
forum based terminology, first used on .org forum by iffylad, 21/06/09, on the infamous 'next doors daughter just saw my cock' thread.

'rule 2' - to supply the subject featured in 'rule 1' with a link to the thread about them.
"i just rule 2'd her"

hi there, your next door neighbour says that you caught a glimpse of his cock. he has posted a thread about it with lots of pictures of yourself and friends, going into detail about how much he would love to slot you. here is a link to the particular thread...
by .org December 04, 2009
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