"Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men."

A line from Terry Pratchet's novel, the Thief of Time, spoken by Lu Tze the sweeper.
"Always remember rule 1."
by Tim the Creator May 22, 2012
Top Definition
You do not talk about fight club.
Rule 1. You do not talk about fight club.
by Bazzterd April 09, 2008
Do not talk about /b/.
Guy- Hey guys wanna know about /b/?
*gets kicked in the nuts*
Other guy- You just broke Rule 1.

Girl- Wanna know about /b/?
*gets punched in the tits*
Some other person- You just broke Rule 1.
by mboone April 09, 2010
rule 1, forum based terminology used to ask for a picture of any person, usually female being described or talked about in a subject, origin: football365

following on from above terminology it is also the name used for a number of football teams originating from the aforementioned website
person 1 "did you see kelly brooks cameltoe on that programme last night?"
reply "RULE 1"
by G.Bart September 19, 2006
The Doctor Lies
River Song: Who told you he was dead?
Amy Pond: He did!
River Song: Rule 1: The Doctor lies.
by Book_Freak November 10, 2011
Rule 1
Doctor: "RUN"
by TimeLord Science July 09, 2015
Never screw over your partner.
Why would you help me Gibbs? You're my partner, Rule 1.
by Xcelion July 04, 2015

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