The Doctor Lies
River Song: Who told you he was dead?
Amy Pond: He did!
River Song: Rule 1: The Doctor lies.
by Book_Freak November 10, 2011
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You do not talk about fight club.
Rule 1. You do not talk about fight club.
by Bazzterd April 09, 2008
Do not talk about /b/.
Guy- Hey guys wanna know about /b/?
*gets kicked in the nuts*
Other guy- You just broke Rule 1.

Girl- Wanna know about /b/?
*gets punched in the tits*
Some other person- You just broke Rule 1.
by mboone April 09, 2010
rule 1, forum based terminology used to ask for a picture of any person, usually female being described or talked about in a subject, origin: football365

following on from above terminology it is also the name used for a number of football teams originating from the aforementioned website
person 1 "did you see kelly brooks cameltoe on that programme last night?"
reply "RULE 1"
by G.Bart September 19, 2006
"Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men."

A line from Terry Pratchet's novel, the Thief of Time, spoken by Lu Tze the sweeper.
"Always remember rule 1."
by Tim the Creator May 22, 2012
People are stupid.
Player 1: I spent ten minutes explaining it all, and he didn't take in a single bloody thing.
Person 2: Rule 1.
by dennymeta October 04, 2010
Don't be a bitch
Friend 1: Dude I cant drink anymore.
Friend 2: Rule 1
by Foso Mez-Mo July 02, 2010

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