a very special person, however, she tends to steal things, especially trainers. but if she does then we tell the teacher, don't we ruby gloom????
person one i.e juzzman: wheres my pencilcase???
person 2: i duno mebe ruby gloom has it
by ruby gloom stealer January 12, 2005
Top Definition
A cute little girl going by the name of Ruby Gloom, is a character created by Roman Dirge. She lives aparently alone in her mansion, and enjoys riding her tricycle on the roof.
Her first book, Keys to Happiness, gives some old quotes with a twist.

Merchandised as: stickers, badges, bags, push toys, books, notespads, stationary, keyrings, posters...
"Misery loves company--but watch out, she can also be very annoying."
by Goffboy's Dictionary on Life July 01, 2005
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