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a group of idiots.
emily: look at all those dumbasses
michelle: its a damn rubefest
by on my walky talky March 17, 2010
n. A gathering (usually, but not necessarily of humans) in which unsavory people, most commonly male sports fans, get together and make a room smell like cottage cheese and beer farts.

n. Closet homosexuals (most often male) who have masturbated to Brett Favre being a Minnesota Viking more times than they have touched a woman since 2009.
"Oh my god, I've got to get the fuck out of here".


"This bar smells like a shit-bomb was detonated in it".

-"Oh, that, ...yeah it's just these rubes, they come in here actin' like they're gonna blow each other when our team scores a touchdown. ...what a fkin' rubefest."
by deliciouscottagecheese March 18, 2010
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