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festy decayed old womans cunt. It is lacking of natural secretions thus gains a dry rubbery almost latex stretchy decrepidness. First observed when pacarskis mom spread her legs for me. However this is mainly used to describe a pimply faced arse vandal called pacarski.
Hey pacarski you rubbercunt
by abuser of pacarskis anus September 02, 2003
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(expletive) Any thing (esp a male person) deemed to be vaguely useless, lacking real quality or consistency, or just plain old usefullness. Used as an amplification on the well worn 'cunt' insult. Possibly more insulting.
(1) My slowest PC is a useless Rubber Cunt of a thing.
(2) The rubber cunt that opens the fucking newsagent didnt show and I spent an hour in the fucked out rain waiting for him.
by MuttShaw October 25, 2005
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