(verb) when a salesperson doesn't hit their targets but still gets rewarded for failure

(noun)1-a salesperson who is rewarded for not being particularly profitable. . 2- (Especially common in NW England) a non profitable salesperson who gets a nice company car.
Colin, had RTF(ed), but despite not hitting his sales targets he still collected his company car.

Despite being a RTF, Sally was given a nice braclet by her employees due to her good attendence record.
by Burgers25 December 05, 2006
Return to fuck

Used to indicate if a person is willing to return to the same prostittue for another commercial sex deal. Usually used as a yardstick for the service of a particular prostitute.
eventhough she is pretty and good at her service, i will not RTF because her pimp was very rude.
by marlarkar March 22, 2007
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