the most most rightious word expressing awesomeness
Jon rox
by Rox January 24, 2003
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Something that is ultra cool.
Nothing rox like a fredo
by Steve Hall November 18, 2004
Another spelling of the word "rocks." Rox is a shorter and sometimes cooler version of "rocks."
Hannah is awesome! She rox!
Ben rox!
This new song rox!
She rox! = She rocks!
by I_Love_Me October 12, 2004
The less-common antonym of sux; the quality of being very good or skilled.
"Haha, I just defeated you all. I am rox."
by DopefishJustin June 29, 2003
Rox stands for Roxies, a 30 mg roxicet which is composed of oxycodone and no acetaminophen so the pill may be snorted and crushed, or even injected if your one of those types.
unlike regular oxycontin these pills have no wrapper and are a favorite among Opiophiles.

Rox may also be an adjective.
bro come blaze an L with me, im completely roxed!
by BigBizzleInDaHizzle December 15, 2010
To express extreme acceptance
Hell yeah spin, that jeep is ROX!
by penguin October 27, 2002
Da bomb. Legendary trail walker.
She done walk a 100Kms for the Oxfam Community Aid abroad.
by badassfreakygangbanga March 28, 2004
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