other name for rock-paper-scisers.
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
Top Definition
Actually spelled "rochambeau".

Similar to RockPaperScissors, except more painful.

Each player kicks the opponent as hard as possible in the genital region. The first person to fall down is the loser.
Player 1: "Hey, I'll rowshambo/rochambeau you for the first slice of pizza!" XD XD
Player 2: "OKAY~!!" ^_^ ^_^
Player 1: "Me first!" *evil grin*
*swift kick to groin of Player 2 by Player 1*
*Player 2 falls over in immense pain, Player 1 laughs and eats pizza.*
by RitterX January 06, 2006
The way an idiot spells rochambeau
If I had just bothered to look up rochambeau on the urban dictionary, I might have noticed it's not spelled rowshambo.
by Sui September 30, 2004
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