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to stray from a group of friends while raging and take the rage elsewhere, usually with a couple other friends. If one decides to travel great distances it is known as an epic rover adventure and should be done so carefully. NEVER GO ROVER ALONE
Friend A- "Dude, what happened to you guys last night? One minute you were there the next minute you were gone."

Friend B- "I don't even remember. All I know is me and Bob went rover and ended up at a party all the way across town."

Friend A- "Wow, that was an epic rover!"
by MrDOiT February 08, 2012
an adult member of the Boy Scouts movement.
The rover was very excited for the camping trip with all of the little boy scouts.
by d money231323 August 14, 2007
1. Until recently, the last mass market British car manufacturer.

2. British military abreviation for the Truck Utility Light (TUL), a militiarised version of the civilian Land Rover Defender and its predecessors.
1. Its a shame that Rover have gone out of business, even though they haven't made a decent car for years.

2. The ration packs are in the back of the 'rover.
by Alex Armstrong May 11, 2005
1. A person who offers anal sex to those in positions of authority in order to curry favor.

2. The president's pet name for the fat bastard who does his thinking for him.
1. "You see the way that guy talks to the boss? What a rover."

2. "Hey, Rover... I can't seem to find the number in the rolodex. How do I spell 'Osama' again?"
by Behemoth June 09, 2003
piece of shit designed by nasa
"The rover didnt break, it just had nothing else to say"
by Mames January 24, 2004
One that knows how to party to the extreme. A term used excessively by a group of girls in Sarnia, Ontario. Hoping that it will soon become a worldwide term.
eg. "Whoa Rover, take another shot".
or just yelling miscellanously at guys in bars..."Rover, Roll Over".
Derivatives: RoverRoo (a junior aged party animal), Rover in Training (those who are just starting to get their groove on), Roveresque (term to describe the mood), Roveriffic (a feeling one may be having), Rover By Relation (one that may not necessarily party, but is related to those that do).
by Cortney and Kerry May 27, 2006
really horny.
omg im so rover i just want to go get (clifford) and (spark) it.
im really rover, i have to hook up wit some 1 right now!
by LiLLaRD March 17, 2005