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What my dad calls basketball.
"Let's go play some roundball, son."
"No thanks, Dad."
"Oh, ok, then you can sweep the driveway and clean out the fridge."
"Well alright, let's go!"
"Sorry, too late." "See ya in a couple of hours."
by Smack, King of Ramen April 25, 2004
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basket ball or playing basket ball
let's go play round ball
by Loxy November 15, 2006
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The oil-pipe used by tweakers to smoke meth-amphetamine or glass .commonly used term, at least in the centralS.F.V
bitch dropped the round-ball again,gotta go to chaos and git new one. Least we can make a happy-stick out of the stem.
by J.ALEXANDER June 28, 2007
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