An exclamation used when a blog or forum poster makes an erroneous correction to another's post (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

From the user Rotzky who incorrectly changed the head line from loose to lose when the former was correct.
Poster1: I flew on a plane yesterday!

Poster2: It's spelled PLAIN, dumbass!

Poster1: ROTSKY!

#blogging #fark #meme #irony #ironic
by Taeggas September 18, 2007
Top Definition
To incorrectly correct someone else's post's spelling or grammar.

Named for a poster on Fark who made the error given in the example.

Britney could (struck through)lose(struck through) LOOSE her children

Sorry. Pet peeve.

Nice rotsky there, spelling nazi.
#grammar nazi #spelling nazi #ftfy #ultramegafail #correct
by Clever Neologism September 17, 2007
An attempt by a person to correct the spelling of a word that is already spelled correctly, particularly if that correction is attempted in a haughty manner.
<b>rotsky:</b> <i>submitter: Will Britney <strike>lose</strike> loose custody of her boys today?

Sorry. Pet peeve.</i>

#rotsky #spelling nazi #idiot #fark #grammar nazi #nazi #meme
by DragoonBoy September 18, 2007
v. 1. To make a grammatical correction when no correction is needed.

2. To attract attention to one's self through ignorant actions.
a--"Regardless, the internet is generally safe for teenagers."
rotsky--"Dude, that's *irregardless*. Pet peeve."
a--"Hah, you just rotskied me, you bonehead."
#homer #pull a homer #idiot #bonehead #grammarian
by Moses242 September 19, 2007
the act of condescendingly correcting someone else's correct grammar and/or spelling, thus making yourself look like an asshat.
Will Britney <strike>lose</strike> loose custody of her boys today?

Sorry. Pet peeve.

The corrector has just committed a rotsky!
#moran #dan quayle #rotsky #fark #stoopid
by caffietinefiend September 17, 2007
To fail in an egregious and smug way. To assert one's sense of superiority when the action of assertion demonstrates one's inferiority.
If Bill gets his hands on the brochure redesign, he'll rotsky it all up, then we'll all be screwed.
#fail #blunder #snafu #rotskied #ego
by A. Farker September 17, 2007
The act of 'correcting' the spelling of a word that was spelled correctly into an incorrect spelling; a word or phrase with such a 'correction'.
He pulled a rotsky when he commented "<b>submitter:</b> <i>Will Britney <s>lose</s> loose custody of her boys today?</i>

Sorry. Pet peeve."
#correction #mistake #pet peeve #incorrect #spelling #comment
by Squeez Cheez September 18, 2007
rotsky (rot - skee) n., v., adj. A completely avoidable fail meme: The act of incorrectly correcting a person that has committed a homonym error.

"submitter: Will Britney lose custody of her boys today?"

That should be "Will Britney loose custody of her boys today?"
Sorry. Pet peeve.

This has been a rotsky.
#meme #fark #fail #failure #stupid
by RickyDMMontoya September 18, 2007
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