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california drain and sewer cleaning person ( aka tail pipe cleaner )
Yo LA Roto rooter hombre when U get done cleaning my pipes just blow blow horn I give mexican credit card NO!

In California just 2 types of hombre's HOT ROD doggie and roto rooter's
by itichie_nocanpo August 30, 2006
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The deviant sexual practice wherein the gentleman defecates into the mouth of his partner, filling it to the brim, then proceeds to use his engorged genital (or in this case, foaming pipe snake) to bang said mouth, as if trying to unclog a stopped-up drain.
"Alright kids, time for bed! And be quick about it; Daddy's downstairs awaiting a rambunctious night of coupling, culminating in an intense Roto-Rooter the likes of which this sleepy little hamlet has never seen."
by Hogarth Yasminowitz December 09, 2006
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