The process of rotating your man meat inside any other piece of meat you can find. There are several meanings to this word, rotated, as in gizzed or splooged on. Rotate, process of rotating.
I rotated in your mother last night, along with 1 other cow.
The evul hot dog rotated inside of the clitoris.
by evulhotdog October 27, 2007
Top Definition
move, move on, get out, party's over, fuck off, go away
"y'all better rotate up on outta my crib"
by Edgar Friendly October 12, 2004
to spin around in a circle.
Rotate the paper 180 degrees
by 5'1"Racer June 05, 2005
Another word that refers to masturbation.
-Why is he taking so long in the bathroom?
-He's probably trying to rotate.
by Mr. Mongo Gongo December 01, 2011
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