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Aussie term of angry, in a bad mood, cranky.
I think Sheila will be ropable, because she's been dumped by her her boyfriend. Throw another sausage on the barbey.
by bigbox30 August 12, 2003
The act of going to all extremes I'm order to have a good time.
Usually done after the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol.
Somebody who has attained the ropable status can usually be found flaunting classy moves on a dancefloor, making an absolute martyr of themselves densely populated areas, slaying women by the dozen, removing clothing in public or spewing violently from over drinking.
Luke: what should we do tonight?
Sam: I dunno... I'm keen for a big one.
Luke: let's get ropable!

Sam: did you see Hayden last night? He fucked a slut on the pool table then spewed all over a security guard!
Luke: is that before or after we ran through the McDonalds drive through naked yelling "suck on my big mac!"?
Sam: Man... He was ropable
by GoochMuffin December 27, 2012