An insulting term for a punk with some freaky hairstyle. This is a term especially used to refer to punks with red mohawks.
Jeremy: I'm punk, and if you're not afraid of me, I'll kick your ass!

Bobby: Fuck you, rooster head! Go back the 80s when rooster headed fags like you were taken seriously.
by Ethan666 March 24, 2010
Top Definition
unnaturally disproportionate labia minora (pussy lips), that resembles the flappy tissue adorning a rooster's head.
I couldn't beleive the size of this girl's Rooster Head.
by methlablouie May 23, 2005
a moron who listens to punk rock and has a stupid red mohawk with the sides of his head shaved.
I'm bored, you wanna go beat up some rooster heads with me later on?
by A WHITE GUY October 20, 2013
a man who gives blowjobs.
a homosexual man who likes to gives felatio
gay jim sucked off the whole damn team! what a roosterhead!
by orion666 April 25, 2008
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