unnaturally disproportionate labia minora (pussy lips), that resembles the flappy tissue adorning a rooster's head.
I couldn't beleive the size of this girl's Rooster Head.
by methlablouie May 23, 2005
An insulting term for a punk with some freaky hairstyle. This is a term especially used to refer to punks with red mohawks.
Jeremy: I'm punk, and if you're not afraid of me, I'll kick your ass!

Bobby: Fuck you, rooster head! Go back the 80s when rooster headed fags like you were taken seriously.
by Ethan666 March 24, 2010
a moron who listens to punk rock and has a stupid red mohawk with the sides of his head shaved.
I'm bored, you wanna go beat up some rooster heads with me later on?
by A WHITE GUY October 20, 2013
a man who gives blowjobs.
a homosexual man who likes to gives felatio
gay jim sucked off the whole damn team! what a roosterhead!
by orion666 April 25, 2008

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