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From the cartoon "Invader Zim".

A destination located at the end of a wormhole Zim created; his choice of where Dib and the other skool children should go. This choice won out over a world of pure itching and a world made entirely out of dookie.

Also the name of a choice "Invader Zim" fansite, at the dot.com of the same name.
"I found the script for 'Mopiness of Doom' over at Romm with a Moose. It's a sweet little story, actually. too bad we'll never see it."
by Tak, the Hideous New Girl December 29, 2003
A blank white room located at the end of a wormhole in space. It contains a moose.
"At the end of the wormhole lays... a room... with a MOOSE!"

by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003