Somebody who thinks that they are a "rood boi". Amost always total dicks.

Also know as/affiliated with: chav, townie, ned, scallie
"Roodys suck"

"I hate roodys"

"I is a rood boi"
by Martin February 09, 2005
Top Definition
a verb meaning to sexually molest a girl of under 16 years of age when you are in sixth form
so did you roody her?
you bet i did! she was only 15
by LittleTess June 30, 2011
Type of person who wears their cap sideways and thinks its cool to smoke. They have their socks pulled over their trousers. All roodys are losers. Hang around in groups of 3-4 and wear the furry jackets. They basically don't fit into any other type i.e skater,goth,etc
That roody is gay
Roodys are queer
by Dom Jackson June 12, 2004
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