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The hybrid definition of an Alpha Wolf. Relies on his strengths to hunt and take down his prey and has no known weaknesses. A Ronnie Wolf is a lone wolf and by nature they are more aggressive, dangerous, and stronger than your average alpha amongst any wolf pack. He is truly one of a kind and most certainly THEE Wolf amongst all Wolves foreign and domestic.
Example 1. Girl 1- "Who's that guy, where did he come from?"

Girl 2- "That's a Ronnie Wolf, they don't make em like him anymore"

Example 2. That guy is dreamy and a total badass. He must be a Ronnie Wolf

Example 3. That guy over there is a bit of a Lone Wolf with this mysterious and overpowering sex appeal, he must be a Ronnie Wolf.

Example 4. He proved himself more superior than an Alpha Wolf therefore we shall call him a Ronnie Wolf.
by Wolf Of Woodman December 28, 2013
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