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Ronkey - pronounced run-kee - a retarded monkey

Ronkey v2 - pronounced ronk-ee - a retarded donkey
That UGA Bulldogs fan is a moron. Yah, that dude is a total ronkey.
by Johnny_Cakes February 15, 2008
a city where rhinos and monkeys live. "the ronks" is where they settle. these creatures tend to start problems with eachother and has an effect on purple blood. They are simalar to humans but look and act like a rhino and a monkey do.
in 1996 the ronkeys originated, shoval was born from monkey and rhino parents.
by themystery April 18, 2010

I used it in an email address I created because I wanted something original.

Also could probably be used as 'gross' or 'disgusting'.
Ronkey Donkey.

It rhymes okay?
by Greg Horn July 12, 2006
I gully ass 9 spotted horse that's dressed like a cow
Ronkey is my child. He is the best animal alive and is also a Pelican
by Ronkey's Dad February 07, 2008
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