most true,the realest!,and the most official chick in the game.ONE!
wow john! isn't romina the coolest!
by romina April 15, 2005
Top Definition
Romina means amazing.
She is so Romina.
by unknown January 20, 2004
An incredibly bright and insightful woman.
She is certainly a "Romina" kind of gal.
by Jkl March 23, 2005
adjective used to describe a woman who has numerous flattering characteristics, such as:

1) outgoing
2) wonderful
3) uniqueness
4) beautiful
5) flowy hair
6) dreamy
7) smells like delicate flowers
8) smart
9) intelligent
10) knows what she wants in life
11) wants to pursue a remarkable career
12) etc...

She is a Romina kind of woman!

That girl is so nice, she's Romina.

by nadseem December 18, 2008
N. Synonym for wonderful
Romina is a wonderful person
by Rkotecha November 14, 2006
Greatest piece of ass I've seen in ages
Damn! Look at that romina!
by sjink May 26, 2004
Romina is a talented girl who is nice and caring she is known as the nicest kindest person who ever walked on the planet.
Romina is the best
by Jessi_10edj October 27, 2015
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