if something is done

from Romeo Dunn, of So Solid Crew
a)How is your project going rob?
b)Its romeo
by aNthraXx January 26, 2004
a romantic emo
Wow, that's such a sad poem....You're such a romeo.
by hxcXSarahSpeechlessX July 10, 2008
(n.) Long-nosed, freckled-face, queer/grass fairy. who probably does nothing but play GTA4 and Halo Wars. Who will end up living with his mom at age 40.
Romeo aka kikos N.
by daequantonsmithlovesshanika March 26, 2009
A PANSY- read the play- you'll know what i'm talking about
He just does whatever Juliet says and he's a lovesick pansy
by meowm sux a lot December 12, 2003
Crazy cute.
Romeo why? Yor t.v show is not funy! You should have gone to disney instead of nickelodeon.
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
The man of Nova, the man of her dreams, her destiny
Romeo is the Nova's man.
by NovaOba November 06, 2005
A sexy boy in Challenge at addison
Romeo likes a girl in mrs. haiglers class and her name starts with a S and ends with an A
by nonya April 13, 2004

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