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A Roman Coke is the name for an alcoholic drink containing Rum and soda. The title comes from the pronunciation of the beverage by the drinker after they have consumed a couple.
1: "Hey Colin, what're you drinking?"

2: "Ohhhh, Rom an' coke (read: Roman Coke)."

1: "Aiiight then."
by AudreyForrest June 16, 2007
A roman coke is a misinterpretation on the mixed drink "rum and coke." It is not an actual drink.
"I'd like a "roman coke" please

It's not a Roman Coke you stupid asshole, it's called a "rum and coke."
by Johnny Cleveland May 14, 2015
A mixed drink containing Coke and vomit
"This rum and Coke tastes like somebody puked in it"

"Oh sorry, I thought you said 'Roman Coke'"
by DirtyCeZar September 02, 2012
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