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The rare, lucky event that one wakes up still high from the night before
I drove quite slow to work today, I was still on rollover minutes.
by Meeske45 July 16, 2008
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Rollover minutes is when You dont you all your minutes on your cell phone, and the left over minutes go to the next month
"dude, you have a todal of 50 minutes left for this month. If you dont you use them jeff, the minutes will rollover to next month
by mariah November 07, 2004
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When you have slept a great amount the night(s) before allowing you to wake up refreshed the next day with only a few hours of sleep.
Over the weekend I slept all day so I used my rollover minutes for Monday to stay up late and... do stuff.
by slipperyguitar November 30, 2009
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time which can be exchanged for oral sex, if you use 4 minutes and had 10 you have 6 minutes remaining.
Man I could go for some rollover minutes with Erin right about now.
by honk March 11, 2003
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When you finish early with a prostitute and let your friend use the remaining time. Most effectively used by a one titty exposed hand job.
I saved some roll over minutes so my friend could get JOed in the back booth of a pizza joint...
by MC Plan B January 11, 2011
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When you get so high that you are still high the next day.
Dude I was so high last night, I still got rollover minutes this morning.
by Noggie March 08, 2015
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when you drink for several days in a row and alcohol is still in your bloodflow so its waayyy easier to get drunk.
yo when i went to floridahh for spring break i had rollover minutes going for a week straight!@!!!!
by Ron Magituarb April 18, 2010
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