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unattractive wheelchair user especially female: quoted in film There's Something About Mary.
I'd like to meet that girl again! Who, the rollerpig?
by Stainie March 28, 2010
5 0
An extremely over weight person who is wheel chair bound not through disability, but through over eating.
Look at that Roller pig!
by Sindy Sugarlump January 05, 2007
59 23
A really fat girl.
Eww... look out, here comes rollerpig.
by Getz December 23, 2003
55 26
An unattractive girl that is also overweight. However, rollerpigs are just thin enough to be picked up by intoxicated men when desperation sets in just before last call.
Did you see that rollerpig Brad hooked up with last night? He'll never live that one down!
by stephcliff July 29, 2006
21 11