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when you have a drug flash back to E
omg im having a rollback right now and it feelllssss sooo gooood
by thedudenj January 28, 2009
what wal-mart does to make its already awesome prices even better
"tell cletus to go get some shotgun shells from wal-mart, theyve got a kickass rollback right now"
by big kyle November 16, 2005
a beer pong rule. if a ball bounces off a cup and rolls back to the shooter while on the table, the shooter is allowed to grab the ball and reshoot, but it must be behind the back

created in poughkeepsie, ny
oooh shit grab that ball for your rollback
by idcismokeweed July 01, 2010
In SimCity 2013, rollback is a synonym EA uses for deleting your city.
Dude 1: Hey bro, I got a new record! I got 300,000 people in my city before EA rolledback my city into non existence.

Dude 2: I sure wish I could rollback that $80 I paid for that shoddy game.
by FormerSimCityFan March 23, 2013
the state where u try to get ur roll back the day or days after rollin...this is usually done by drinking a shit ton of redbulls and smoking menthols every 15 minutes... the number one way to get ur roll back is to hang out with rodney for an hour...listening to him makes ur roll come back the hardest
rodney"what are u doing smoking that cigarette?"
dick"im getting my roll back"
rodney"yah baby!!"
by shitlog June 01, 2007
Rollback "hard alcohol" Or the process of drinking.

Usually whiskey. Jack-Daniels is a common variety.

Legend has it....

An admin named Brandon; Was doing a deployment of a really shitty java based program to several nodes. The deployment had not been well QA'ed and had been rushed.

The deployment was in its 7th hour and 4th code revision.

Brandon screamed it time to rollback, and grabbed the Whiskey.

From this point forward... To rollback became synonymous with drinking booze. Often times from the bottle directly at work; often times in the morning.
Jason, It's 9am time to Rollback...

Matt, Go down to the store and buy us a bottle of Rollback.

by Hojit82 July 29, 2011
Must be male, Pulling your foreskin all the way back before having a piss. Then letting in roll back in its own time.

Pioneered by a clever man Jack P
Foreskins rolled back...

Half hour to half a day later, " O shit, its Rolled Bacccck!"

"Thats a Roll Back if ever i saw one"
by King_of_da_Grittaz November 01, 2012
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