To force someone to leave a group or area, through either violence or fear.

Also, to intimidate someone into leaving a group or area, usually accompanied with implied or express threats of violence.
"If I find out you ratted on me, I'm gonna have to roll you up."

"He was afraid that he'd get a beat down if he hung around, so he rolled himself up."

"Roll up, or get your ass whooped."
by dyrwk July 11, 2009
Verb To be released from confinement. Roll up refers to rolling up your bedding and personal items.
Beds number 145, 82, 32, and 87 roll up.

I can't wait until they call me to roll up, I really want out of here.
by NoJail4You July 28, 2011
Graffiti Throwups up high on buildings.
Done with using Jetpacks.
Look at that rollups! what beautiful artys fartsy shit!!!
by NEWJERZEYFOOL February 27, 2004
To Arrive
Wiz Khalifa's song - Roll Up

I roll up I roll up, whenever you call baby I roll up.
by Narcissesto June 07, 2011
Verb. To engage in sexual action with someone to whom little respect is shown. From roll in the hay.
See that guy over there? Yeah, I rolled him up last night.
by Sol April 04, 2004
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