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A good friend, or best friend. Someone you roll with all the time.
friend 1: Are you and timmy gonna be at the spot tonight?
friend 2: fo' sho' thats my roll dog
by J Tweezee September 13, 2005
originated in prison. roll dog, or rode dog (as some say it), is your boy from your area, thats down, and has your back. you dont want to get caught up alone in there.
someone you roll with, or ride with.
"who's that Sick?" "ah thats my roll dog Lucky"
by impsick November 27, 2006
person considered to be a close friend or confidant. See Homie, or peep.
I went to the mall with a couple of my rolldogs.
by d-real August 02, 2003
n. a wing man, or for you ladies; the equivalent. Some one you get "down in the brews" with. Persons, or Personages for which you "Roll" with.
You know Kris, my "Roll Dog"... she moved to F&#'n Oklahoma with her dumb ass Fiance' and now I have to find a new "Roll Dog" to roll out with.
by MagicDingo September 11, 2005
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