Repeatedly perform a profoundly unfathomable assinine act while expecting the same results.

Regularly motivated by overwhelming ignorance or hopeless boredom.

Similar to the moribund act of donkeys crossing the desert during the day.
While playing XBOX I heard them say, "Roll over".

"Why?", I asked.

"Because we are utterly bored with our fruitless impotent personal lives that we need to play this game 20 hours a day...when we roll over it provides a new challenge. Roll over and follow us," they said.

"Do I win any money?" I asked.


"Will I unlock hidden weapons, like a flame thrower?"


"Well if I roll over what do I get?"

They said, "You get to lose all of your weapons. You can roll over from level 55, start over at level 1, then you can play for 80 hours to get to level 55 again. Oh, and you get a prettier badge. Roll over and join us."

"What!? That makes no sense," I said.

"Come on. Roll over. Oh, we almost forgot...once you roll over and spend 80 hours getting to level 55, you can roll over again another NINE times. It's so titilating! Look, Erkle is already on his 10th roll over. We all aspire to be like him. Follow us and roll over."

"Look guys. You pay Erkle a great compliment by copying him, but rolling over courts the insane. I'll pass."
by Raging Ronin January 10, 2008
Top Definition
The next couple of days after rolling face on the drug ecstasy.
Like a hang over only a roll over.

You feel like shit during a roll over.
You're ually very tired and depressed and over emotional.
The other day, I totally rolled face and now I have the worst roll over. ): Blah. But it was totally worth it!
by Ninabutt December 06, 2007
feeling depressed/physically sick/apathetic the day after rolling on ecstasy.
Dude, I rolled really hard last night, but I have such a bad rollover today.
by rollin' all night long December 11, 2007
The delaying and exacerbating of ones inevitable hangover by continuing a drinking session from the night before. The definition being analogous to the deferred and accumulating rollover jackpot in the UK National Lottery.
"We went out boozing on Saturday and had a double rollover. I didn't get in until Monday night and felt like death on Tuesday."
by Grendelfish December 01, 2009
When a guy or a chick pulls off their shirt and out plops their belly in slow motion, rolling right over their waistband.
After having sex all night with this chick from my local bar, I woke up to her standing in front of the mirror playing with her rollover.
by ma6netic February 04, 2010
A css code that creates a hover effect when your cursor moves over the image or text on a website. A rollover can change the color or font of the text. It can also add image effects when hovered.
Your websites has no interaction. You should have rollovers.
by Jfender24 August 07, 2007
When you've been out partying all night and you carry on till the next day.
I was out clubbing last night and have not been to bed and now I’m down the pub for opening. I'm on a Rollover.
by Detoxboy November 24, 2006
When your boyfriend rolls on top of you in the middle of the night and proceeds to have his way with you.
I did the rollover last night...I don't remember it but she said it was good.
by the two Sjas August 05, 2010
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