Fucking faglet on firearms message board, everyoen hopes he gets his gay git ass banned again.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
Top Definition
A fucking cuntbag on IRC that thinks he's hot shit, but therefore gets panoolied by everyone because of his stupidity.
"Shut up, bitch, you're worse than rog."
by SemperFi August 31, 2003
someone who seems to stakl me wherver i post on the fa forums
yeh he is rogueing me XD XD XD XD ^_^_^_^ ^o^ ^o^ ^-^ ^_^
by JcDenton August 05, 2004
noun; a penis of size dangling about wildly from it's owner's groin.

see also SPEARATE
in a locker room, while changing with other guys: "dude, put that rogue spear away before it spearates someone"
by ike August 17, 2003
A cute little cock gobbler from the FA forums, he loves it up him! Mmm... babeh!
"Do me! Do me in the ass!"
by The Forums God August 07, 2003
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