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A clothing brand in Venice, California. Rob Dyrdek wears the shirts on Rob and Big. Most famous for their gunshow tee that has an assortment of guns printed on them
Yo son I be rockin this new Rogue Status.
by itopazgirls October 22, 2007
basically to feel cool/fresh
Josh: did you see what that guy had on?
Mike: yeah dude that was total rogue status

Those dudes from Ryle High School have complete rogue status!
by BiGGie Pete November 08, 2009
Mr.T and Chuck Norris put together times 45trillion rambos. Forreal thats how awesome it is
HOLY SHIT! look john, its zach, president of Rogue Status! says branus

WHOAH says john

"branus's head explodes"
Whoah is right bitch, says Zach, then john turns into a talking cactus. or inother words, shaqtus
by President Zach May 22, 2009
A FaceBook status posted by one of your douchebag friends who manages to get onto your FB account, usually when you leave the room to take a piss and don't log yourself off.

Also usable as a verb.
Example 1:
Bootsie: "Dude, did you see the totally original Rogue Status I put up for Turtle?"
Pockets: "Yeah brah! Now everyone's TOTALLY going to think he's a gay!"

Example 2:
Pockets: "Yo brah, I hear you're a gay now"
Turtle: "C'mon bro, you know that Bootsie just Rogue Statused me"
by Turtle Johnson May 15, 2010
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