A dinosaur of a status of rolling on the floor laughing
"Oh my god that is so funny! Roflsaurus rex!
by the Roflsaur October 13, 2005
The dinosaur that runs around and makes a ROFL noise when it runs jumps and eats usually stated after a funny joke.
I herd this joke from jack and i couldnt stop laughing its like the Roflsaurusrex was in the room XD
by Rofl at you mother March 14, 2009
Pronounced rah-full-sore-us rex; Someone acting like an idiot or someone being incredibly stupid... so stupid that it's funny.
"Look at that roflsaurus rex."
"What a roflsaurus rex."
"Oh my god, roflsaurus rex."
by Dyelineye Carlineye September 18, 2008

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