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A shorter way to "Rofl haha omfg lmfao roflcepter LPSWHAHHAHA OMGfunniest thinge ever!!".

This is used on forums or chat programs.
8o|(so)Milky(so)8o| says:
u no supermarkets have them big pyramids on cans in the middle of the floor sumtimes

+ Raymundo + says:

8o|(so)Milky(so)8o| says:
there was a small 1 in a shop called "b&m bargains" and my mate jus ran str8 into it that was pretty funny at the time

8o|(so)Milky(so)8o| says:
the workers looked so pissed off it was gr8

+ Raymundo + says:
by Raymond Giessen November 05, 2005
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