R0flcopter is an expression of immeasurable humor in the form of a circumnavigation of the floor resembling the flight pattern of helic0pter blades
Charles! Get the roflcopter! Were leaving!

Oh god.
by Jbmacs February 03, 2009
One of the hardest and most amazing sex positions ever. Roflcopter is done when the woman or man lays on her/his stomach while the man inserts his penis into her butt. The man then proceeds to spin in a circle like the blades of a helicopter. This move is finished by doing push-ups while still in her butt.
Did you hear about dave? He tried the roflcopter on baliey but fell off cause he didnt have enough dick to hold himself up!
by [SawyerSexx] December 06, 2008
The badass Heli that you call in to destroy your enemies in Call of Duty 4 while you sit back and rofl.
OMFG!!! I just called in a roflcopter and it raped all those niggers on the other team
by Noah!!! July 13, 2008
this elequoent machine flies over your head when you get "smoked" and avery yells "adabadbabdadalalalabdalala" there are many "rofl" things including rofl lobster, rofl pwned, and earthday rofcopter.
Chris: when is this assembly going to end?
Mr. Carlton: whenever you decide to listen and stop yapping.
by Wiatr May 20, 2007
when you a girl is jacking you off and spinning you cock in circular motions while you are Cumming all over

there is also a point system

30 points for in your womens hair
50 points to getting a roflcopter in the air

75 points if you can get it in her eyes

100 points if you can make a perfect circle around her mouth
roflcopter has to bee used safely don't be stupid double rap if you need to
by DustinButcher March 05, 2010
A popular flash game on the internet, also consisting lmaoplanes, wtfbombs, and lollerskaters.
"Dude, have you played roflcopter yet?"
by Philip George September 08, 2005
When you "ROFL" so hard you spin around in your chair causing it to spin like the blades of a helicopter
"When i heard Lee was gay I ROFLCOPTERed out of my house
by Mitchell Aaron Pineo April 09, 2007

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