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A term widely used on the internet when expresses ones appreciation for a "joke" or "hillarious phrase"

It means, "Rolling On Floor Fucking Laughing Endlessly" T

The "cakes" is used to form the phrase into a cute food like item.
Tim: Tony, your mum is really fat, she's like clinally obese you gay piss

Tony: Fuck off shit legs
by Andy_Lythe September 26, 2005
What you get when you mix rolling on the floor laughing and eating pancakes.
Guy 1: Yeah for breakfast I had rofflecakes.

Guy 2: Sweet
by Fnovd April 07, 2006
A food made of roffles.
I was eating some roffle cakes then I rolled on the floor laughing.
by X2Cube September 18, 2004
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