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originated from ROFLMAO. geek acronym for "rolling on floor laughing my ass off".
Did you see that guy get his cock stuck in the vacuum cleaner? Roffle fucking mayo!
by touchy g October 03, 2003
roffle mayo simply means "roflmao" but pronounced as roffle mayo. it means Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off.
"Roffle Mayo !! i cum in her eye !!!"
by Stolichnaya August 26, 2003
A special kind of mayonnaise designed just for roffles. You can decide for yourself whether it is actually mayonnaise or something more... sinister.
Person one: ROFFLE MAYO! Gimme some of that ;)
by in_the_depths June 21, 2007
Means anything you want it to be. So you can say it and no one would know what you really mean.
Boy says to girl:Shut up you roffle mayo! (in this sentence roffle mayo would have meant bitch)
by aly loves mike 4 March 13, 2009
rollin on the floor laughin my arse off
dude rofflemayo, u got pooned
by Luc-ass June 07, 2005

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