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While fucking a girl doggy style bend over and whisper in her ear.."I have AIDS"..your friends burst out of the closet cheering while you hold on as long as possible.
I was rodeo fucking this chick last night and when I told her I had AIDS she said, "so do I."
by Anonymous November 25, 2003
147 82
Cowboy Fuck: Enter woman from behind, wrap 1 hand around and firmly grasps breasts, Bend over and whisper in her ear " Your tits feel just like your sisters" Proceed to maintain thrust for 8 full seconds.
by Space Cowboy June 20, 2003
280 94
When your doggy styling a girl you call her by another girls name and try to stay on as long as you can without getting "bucked" off.
"Jen and I were coming to a slow spot in our relationship so one night while having sex I called her Sarah and rodeo fucked her for 10 more seconds."
by 5PY , SPYTATTOO June 16, 2009
50 28
While having sexual intercourse, one enters their woman from behind, grabs a handful of their hair, sticks their thumb up their arse and states with "WOW!!! You're so much tighter than your Mother", Then attempt to hang on for 8 seconds...
Gave this sheila an awesome Rodeo Fuck last night!She bucked like a bronco!
by Retarded Kanga October 12, 2010
21 10
When the male first sticks his cock into either the ass or vagina, he then says to his partner your Sister, Mom, best friends, etc. (whatever will work best to achieve the angry reaction desired) Pussy/Ass is so much tighter. Then hold on for as long as you can trying to achieve climax. Then get the hell out of there.
Julies Dad shot and killed Charlie when he walked in on them and saw Charlie performing a rodeo fuck on his little princess.
by Greggae January 29, 2010
11 11