Meaning "cool," or awesome, nice, good, great. This can fool anyone who does not know the word into thinking you are using slang for "gross."

To put emphasis on the word, you say the "o" a little longer and the "u" in "cus" is drawn out, sounding like:

Never used to describe aperson, but objects. The reason for that is a person might think it's an offensive word due to the lack of knowledge in the meaning of the word.
"You have a PSP? That's so rocus!"
"Your iPod looks rocus."
"That dog's hair is hella rocus!"
"You're hella rocus!"
by Arielle Lion of God January 06, 2007
Top Definition
Opposed to anything popular on conceptual grounds rather than the essential merit of the subject in question.
His rocus attitude made him hate the matrix
by jotham May 15, 2003
cute, sensitive man who falls in love with any pretty girl he sees
dude is so a rocus, but he will never find his significant other
by andy April 20, 2005
awesome guy who is not scared to show his sensitive side; a very attractive guy
andy is so cute and is so a rocus
by andy April 20, 2005
an extremely sexy man
that dude is a rocus
by mandiline April 20, 2005
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