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It is quite simply very strong beer to get drunk on very quickly and cheaply as possible. Examples are.

Carlsberg Special Brew the chav favourite 9% proof

Fuller's Golden Pride 8.5% proof.
Chavs lovely rocket fuel ie Carlsberg Special brew from the local spar.
by Iain Langmaid July 31, 2005
4 23
Spirits with high Alcohol percentage. If it tastes like burning, it's rocket fuel.
Ben: Try this Absinthe man!
Andy: *throws up* This shit's rocket fuel man!!!
Ben: *Laughs*
by Eli Bedlam April 11, 2006
69 25
A literal drink crafted by the poor blue collar laborers of Pittsburgh's steel industry and handed down from generation to generation to its current residence of the White Eagle, located on East Carson street at the end of the south side.

Rocket fuel is a drink so strong and served so large that it must be split with a group of friends willing to go to moon.

When people use the term "this is rocket fuel" they are referring back to this Pittsburgh nectar and comparing their current drink and its strength to the legendary mix.
Steve: "Hey man we started late, how can we get caught up fast and cheap?"
Nick: "Dude, the white eagle serves Rocket Fuel!"
Steve: "To infinity and beyond!"
by The Poor sybarite September 09, 2010
38 23
Bad coffee brewed very strongly.
Roger finished all his good coffee last night, so he had to settle for rocket fuel in the morning.
by Russtyy329443423423 July 31, 2011
12 9
Drink that is made by mixing:

2/3 or more vodka (preferably rubinoff) and energy drink.
Verc wanted to get naughty so he made some rocket fuel.
by OMG my Doodlah October 15, 2009
33 30
2 1/2 oz. Bacardi 151 rum
1 oz. Tanquerey Gin
1 oz. Smirnoff Vodka

Add ice to a pint glass, add liquor, top off with 7-UP, kiss your ass goodbye
by anonymous October 05, 2003
21 19
Similar to california turnaround coffee. Made with excessive amounts of coffee grinds early in the morning. The first cup of said pot, or replacing the pot with your mug. Will keep you awake for a long time.
I was falling asleep at the video monitors until Jake handed me a cup of rocket fuel to take the sleep away.
by Red_Baron November 16, 2008
2 4
A beverage, most commonly tea, made with psychedelic mushrooms strong eneough to "send you into orbit" for an intense trip.
Remember lastnight when you locked yourself in the bathroom and had a five hour conversation with the shower head?

Yeah, John made some pretty intense rocket fuel.
by suede b May 12, 2007
13 16