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This term was originally used in major ignorance. It is a way to generalise anyone who has a unique hairstyle, is into a specific genre of rock music, uses lots of make-up, and likes to wear black. In other words ... emo. Since it's development it has ironically been used mainly by the people it once described. In a way it is really mocking those who are ignorant.
Chelsea: Why are you guys so ... rocka punka?
Jackie: ... 'rocka punka'? that is the stupidist shit I have ever heard.
Kim: Yeah you don't understand us at all! We're emotional.

Jackie: Hey guess what! I'm gonna put some brown into my otherwise jet black hair. Now I'll totally stand out from all the other average 'rocka punkas'.
Kim: That is so deep...
by Hilere October 14, 2006
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