The act of outperforming a musician or band unexpectedly when the musician or band was expected to be the better act.

The act of using a high level of talent unexpectedly and by contrast of talent level, disrespect a more amateur performer.
When an opening band performs at an amazing level, the headliner can get rockblocked.

Michael was playing a couple of tunes at a party when U2 showed up and played an impromptu gig. U2 are a bunch of rockblockers.
by mikedubb November 17, 2010
80th street, the numbers are shaped like three rocks, the 8 is two rocks and the 0 is one rock.
last time i saw your boy, he was chillin on rock block
by fade away April 23, 2010
When you try to get into a sold out concert but are denied. Punned form of cock block.
Man, we tried to get in to see The Blow but we were rock blocked.
by Chris Pez August 29, 2007

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