A term used to describe the new emergence of rhythm and blues fusion type music in the 1950's. Often the music is referred to simply as rock in modern times. "Rock and rolling" originally was a term frequently used in predominantly black neighborhoods to mean "having sexual intercourse". The term was however first derived as a musical term by disk jockey Alan Freed. Alan Freed first played a collection of rhythm and blues albums in his show under the name "The Moondog Show". However, upon relocating to New York he changed the name to "The Rock and Roll Show". He had full knowledge of the term and it's racy implications, but probably found great satisfaction in the spread of the term among mainstream America with little knowledge of the term's true meaning.
Turn that Darn Rock and Roll music down! Back in my day we beat buffalo skin drums for our music!
-Yelling Parent
by What is in a name? November 26, 2005
Gods gift to man on the 8th day. rarely spoken as such.
Rock and Roll:
Rocker- "And on the 8th day, God gave us the miracle of Rock."

Dumbass-"Dude, thats so not true. Rock sucks."

Rocker- "Oh shut the hell up, go back to your K$sha you douchbag."
by PaladinofDarkness August 01, 2011
A music representing a lifestyle of doing what you want and living your life the way you wish to. Freedom of speech and expression.
Guitar's, drums, and amps playing tunes to make people feel good. "It's my life and I'll live it my way. I'll listen to Rock and Roll, you listen to what you want."
by Rock and Roll 101 May 28, 2009
One of the greatest Led Zeppelin songs out there, from their Fourth Album, aka "Led Zeppelin IV" that came out in 1971.
"This song kicks ass!"
"Is it Rock and Roll?"
"Then it fucking sucks."
by RibbonGrey May 23, 2008
Showing eagerness to do, or start something.
Ben = "Everyone ready to go?"

Michelle = "Yeahh."
Dean = "Uh huh!"

Ben = "Let's rock and roll!"
by D.C.N. August 09, 2008
one of the greatest rock songs ever performed by none other than the greatest band of all time Led Zeppelin
hey Led Zepplein are performing Rock And Roll
they are the best band ever
by ZepkiD March 02, 2005
A slang word that Somebody who is on jobseekers allowance (the dole) would say to encourage a smile and not the effect of shame given when telling someone their on the dole.
Daniel: still can't find a job anywhere its solid.
Michael: what are you doing for money then?
Daniel: smashin the rock and roll lad.
Michael: (faint smile)
by Mr Anderson11 March 26, 2011

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