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A group memeber of a boy band known as mindless behavior

roc royal is the youngest of the group ..

he is hott ,, smart and very mindless ..
roc royal got a donk
by kay-kool June 01, 2011
Roc Royal sexxie dude who is a part of a group called Mindless Behavior with 3 other sexxie dudes. He have big lips and was born on July 23rd, 1997. The is the youngest out of the other 3 in his group. Roc Royal was born in South Central LA in Cali. He started dancing at the age of 3 years old. He always dreamed of being famous and his dream came true. He wears a hat on stage and when the hat is off his hair is an afro and its bigger than his other group memebers' named Princeton. He has a couple of pit bulls in his house and as you can tell he loves his dogs very much. He sweet, kind and has quite the charm on the ladies.
fan 1: Roc Royal dance for me!!
Roc: *dances*
Fan 1: *faints*

Fan 2: Roc can I have an autograph
Roc:*signs, smiles and walks away looking back*
Fan 2: *shaking and starstruck* I love you!!
by iRepMB143 January 07, 2012

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