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Government run by robots. They will be able to lie and have scandals more efficiently than humans.
Vote Candidatebot 4000 in 2008 or be processed for organs.
by matt dold November 24, 2004
A form of worldwide government run by a complex of A.I. units that will allow for extremely well reasoned governmental decisions. These units will be totally unbiased and accompanied by a human team that acts as a form of checks and balances.
In the future, a robocracy will assure that decisions are made on logic not on corporate interests.
by Darren Iammarino February 04, 2008
A government run by robotic politicians. They hate all things carbon-based. I first heard it in The Onion.
I believe Bush T2000 messed up our robocracy, terminator for president.
by Mr. Awesome (Tele Kanzaki) January 07, 2008
Where the Human race are the robots being run by any form of government, obediently doing whatever {they} ask, believing their lies - aka media they feed us minus the truth.
Nations' peoples' are living a robocracy
The lie that the US is trying to help promote democracy in other nations.
The lie that there were ever "weapons of mass destruction".
The lie that innocent men and women of all countries dying for viable resources when cheaper, renewable ones are available but the government can't profit from it, so they refuse to acknowledge it.
by Niklit January 04, 2008
A system of ruling whereby the majority in a country choose to be robbed by a minority.

N.B. Many countries have changed from Robocracy to Dictatorship. This is because the majority ran out of things to be robbed and had to have the shit kicked out of them.
1) Britons have chosen to be ruled by a Robocracy.
2) America fights to preserve Robocracy.
3) We must encourage the spread of Robocracy.
by Al Stubbino January 04, 2008
A government system where Robots rule rather than stupid human politicians.
Johnny Rock wants you to fix America! VOTE ROBOCRATIC!
by Jake Jones September 11, 2004
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