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bestest boyfriend in the whole world!!! but he is taken by the bestest girlfriend in the whole world!:) he is very much loved and adored by that gf! he loves and adores that gf very much back! he is amazing he baought his gf her first tattoo! the gf he has right now will be with him for the rest of his whole life so no other girl will ever get their luckyshot with him sucks to be them!! robert is very sweet and kind! he is not one to fight but will definately stand up for himself his gf and what he believes in! he is just an all around AMAZING person in general!!! he is MY life! incase ur really stupid and didnt notice by now this is his gf! (i love you robert daigneault!!!)
robert daigneault, dagz, rob, amazing,
by vista816 May 27, 2009

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