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As a male, to receive fellatio while operation a motor vehicle.
Suzy unzipped Robert's pants furiously as he drove, and proceeded to give him a superb roadcone session.
by T-Platinum December 07, 2005
when one gives head to another, from the passenger seat, while the receiver is driving a vehicle
we was drivin down the I95 and this bitch gave me road was gooood....the bumpy road helped
by dave November 11, 2003
Road Cones is when a women has enormously large breasts and they are shaped in the form of traffic cones. The term is derived or found when a male or group of males walks down a street, hallway, etc. and they see a women who is gifted with the present of "Road Cones" They stop in their tracks as if they have just walked about a construction site.


1) May be due to a wrong shaped bra.

2) Spending too much time in the geometry class room.

3) Losing a fight with the household cleaning appliance........ "THE VACCUM!!"
Dude check out the Road Cones on that Lady. I would love to enter in on her construction site.
by checkitOUT20 August 03, 2009
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