v. to roach; the act of ripping and rolling up paper, card, or any other suitable material, to be utilized as a roach in a joint, spliff or hand-rolled cigarette.

The roach is a small rolled up piece of paper that is placed at the mouth end of the joint to provide separation from the smokeable contents of the joint so that, toward the end of the joint, the smoker's lips aren't burned. The roach also lends some structural support to the joint (the larger the joint, the larger the roach)
guy1: "man, look at all the party flier's on my car! help me throw them away..."
guy2: "no way dude, save 'em. they'll come in handy for roaching later"
guy1: "werd..."
by Olly J October 21, 2005
Top Definition
The small, remaining ends of marijuana cigarettes are called roaches. Avid marijuana users often save the ends for a rainy day, as they have concentrated amounts of resin and THC. "Roaching" is the act of gathering these ends, smoking them, and getting extremely high.
We ran out of weed, man, so we're roaching.
by Ophelia Corsinicus October 21, 2005
Saving a marijuana cigarette butt (roach) to smoke later.
"I'm roaching this for later."
by lectricmania October 21, 2005
Roaching, to out a Joint near the end in order to smoke later/save. -Not- to be confused with filters which are created by rolling stiff paper and inserting it into the end of the Joint.
"roaching a joint with a filter in it is stupid as it can be smoked all the way down"
by Hightimes November 07, 2005
Verb - The act of begging or looking for handouts. Broke people who never have anything and always want what you have.
If there's one thing I can't stand is roaching ass women at the club always trying to get a free drink.
by Donae' November 06, 2007
a person who always begs, mooches off of another person
if someone you know comes over only after you've gone grocey shopping, and chills long enough to eat all of your food. he or she is roaching.
by pinoke October 21, 2005
when someone sneaks behind other people's backs to manipulate them for their own benefit. Like cockroaches, they run whenever the lights are turned on. A couple of people in particular were my inspiration for this term.
when someone goes behind your back to try to turn a situation to their advantage, that person is roaching.
by roach hater April 28, 2011
The act of hiding your last units in an RTS game after being practically defeated, in an attempt to frustrate your opponent, possibly into resigning.
It took me half an hour to finally beat him, due to his persistant roaching.
by Anonymous15 July 14, 2008
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