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n 1: western-style boots characterized by very pointy toes. Named so because this style footwear may only be appropriate, albeit most effective, for killing cornered roaches. Commonly accentuated by metal covering and worn by lovers of garish cowboy couture.
"Check out that jackass with the roach killers and assless jeans. Holy Shit, that's Sean Borja!"
noun: a device used when smoking marijuana and left with a roach. The roach would be placed in a device extremely effective in finishing a roach.the device was initially an oxygen mask and the gas mask bong, but is now also used when smoking with a vaporizer or hookah.
Person 1: Damn b, we need to throw this roach in the roach killer.

Person 2: Real talk, ima grab it.
by Thirsty Dog Murphy April 20, 2009
A friend that does not ask for weed but instead will ask for/take your roaches.
Hey man, I'm out till pay-day. Can I smoke your roaches?

Tom and Jim came over again last night, with out any weed and smoked all my roaches. Roach Killers!
by Anto Commie April 14, 2010
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