When you pack a bowl with weed and then only smoke half of it, that's a roach bowl. Smoke the rest the next day or next morning, you know? That's a Roach Bowl. It might also be the Superbowl for Roaches. Only God Knows.
This is strictly a roach bowl! Jules Verne liked roach bowls. Fuck yo couch and smoke a roach bowl. 5061 roach bowls and we be ridin wit dragons. Roach bowl can be used SO many ways hahaa.
by 5061 April 02, 2006
Top Definition
A roach bowl is when you smoke a joint to a roach, then smoke the roach
Right now me and Craig are smoking roach bowls. Craig tore up 3 roaches and put them in a bowl.
by T.O. Dan February 08, 2007
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